Dr. William Pawluk


Dr. William Pawluk – Magnetic Therapy in the U.S. Almagia has  a number of Magnetic Therapy products, the most popular being the Almag-01 and Magofon. Both are available in our online store: Purchase Magnetic Therapy Devices They can be used by patients in the convenience of their homes without medical supervision however, it is advised that ALL patients seek the counsel of their doctors and therapists before deciding if Magnetic Therapy is right for you. If you have started electromagnetic therapy without the knowledge of your doctor or therapist, please contact your health care providers and tell them you want to try electromagnetic therapy. It is VERY important that your licensed health care professional is aware of all your holistic and alternative medicine therapies. Most people seeking magnetic therapy products have suffered tremendously with traditional medical treatments.

It is important that your health care provider is aware of such treatments as Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy. If you’d like us to Contact Your Doctor or Therapist and tell them about Magnetic Therapy please fill out the form via: For Doctors & Therapists: The Polimag 2 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy system is now available in the U.S. It is a PEMF machine available only to Health Care Professionals. To view other magnetic therapy medical-office-grade equipment go to Magnetic Therapy Products for Medical Office. Polimag is widely used throughout Europe. This innovative, unique, intensive and very effective therapy is offered by Dr. William Pawluk, a world authority on magnetic therapies. Dr Pawluk practices holistic medicine and uses a wide range of healing approaches. His magnetic therapy medicine practice includes treatment for a spectrum of conditions, many of which involve chronic pain conditions and many other conditions for which conventional medical care hasn’t helped. He has been on the faculties of Medicine at several major Medical Schools, including Hopkins, Maryland, Case Western and Rutgers.

Dr William Pawluk MD is the vice president of North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy. He is Board Certified in Family Practice in Canada and the United States. Dr. Pawluk practices medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. Please note: We cannot give medical advice. Only your licensed healthcare professional can give such advice. Do you know a great doctor or a therapist who would love to bring Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy into their practice?

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