NEURITISNeuritis – inflammation of the joints, manifested by the variety of movement disorders and sense abnormalities. Differentiate local neuritis that suffers only one nerve, and multiple neuritis (polyneuritis) that can be due to various external and internal factors. Neuritis development is caused by bacterial and viral infections, external and internal intoxication, hypothermia, vitamin deficiencies, vascular and other disorders. Neuritis may be caused by traumatic compression of nerves.

MAGOFON device used in the local neuritis, which more often than not affects the sciatic nerve, brachial plexus, the upper part of the cervical plexus, femoral and intercostal nerves. Local neuritis symptoms are permanent dull pains, paroxysmal propagating along the nerve. There are marked sensitivity disorders and movement disorders, and a small decrease in muscle mass (atrophy) in the affected area. In mild cases, recovery takes 2-3 weeks, but often lingers for much longer, especially in the elderly people and is incomplete.

Use of MAGOFON device significantly reduces treatment time. Simultaneous exposure to magnetic fields and acoustic vibrations helps to stop pain and reduce inflammation, restore nerve conduction, stimulates the process of regeneration, improves circulation and metabolism in the surrounding tissues. The most pronounced effect was achieved through an integrated application of the device with drugs.

While on the pain attack, MAGOFON’s use is contraindicated.

During the first days of the start of treatment, may increase the pain along the nerve, indicating the adequate response to the physical nerve irritation. After the third treatment, pain should be disappeared. If the pain persists, you have to take a break in one day and then resume the procedure, reducing the duration by 1/3.

Procedures: the influence of MAGOFON carried out along the affected nerve. For example, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the impact makes by arbitrary pumping movements, tightly clutching vibroacoustic membrane to the skin. Procedures are performed 1 time a day. A second course should be done in 30-40 days after the first, and support – in 3-4 months after the second.

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