Easyton Tonometer vs. iCare Tonometer

Choose Easyton IOP Tonometer over other alternatives for the most accurate results,
timely detection of glaucoma and other ocular conditions, patient safety, and satisfaction. 

Why is the Easyton tonometer a better alternative
to the iCare tonometer?

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Saves Time

Measure eye pressure in just 2 seconds and handle more patients in less time.

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No Consumables and Anesthetics Needed

Save money by avoiding the use of consumables and anesthetics.

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No Cornea Touch

Offer improved patient safety by measuring eye pressure without touching the cornea.

Easyton Tonometer vs. iCare Tonometer


Easyton Tonometer

iCare Tonometer


Highly Portable 🙂
Not as portable as Easyton


A lightweight product (88 g in weight including batteries)

230 g with battery, heavier than easyton 

Measurement method

Transpalpebral method 🙂

Rebound method

For Post-operative patients

Best for post-operative patients 


FDA Approval



Measurement Range

7-50 mmHg

7-50 mmHg

IOP Diagnostics Time

2 Sec

2 Sec

Pediatric Ophthalmology



Why should you choose an Easyton Tonometer?

There are many reasons to choose an easyton tonometer over other options. It has approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The device only takes 2 seconds to measure IOP. 

The patients don’t need to remove their contact lenses as an easyton tonometer can capture reading with contact lenses. The device has gone through different phases and tests to ensure proven results. Its portability allows eye care professionals to use it easily anywhere.

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