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January 11, 2019
- - I was considering purchasing Almag for about 2 years. My major concerns were: i) whether device made in Russia (220 V) will work in the USA; ii) whether device made with general consumer in mind will have high enough penetrating power. Now, Elamed makes devices that can be used in the USA. I decided to risk and buy Almag+ . Another reason for me to purchase Almag was that I had severe low back pain and sciatic problems in the past 3 month before I purchase Almag+. Usually, I had them ones every two years. Thanks to Yelena, she helped me to make my mind. First, I started low back pain treatment at setting 3 for 5 min and increased to 10 min on day 2. I placed emitters or inductors, as Elamed called them the hand book, along lumbar and sacrum areas. First impression is that treatment increases pain from 3-4 to 5-7 on 1-10 scale. After 5 min post treatment pain disappeared and reappeared in about 10-12 hrs. I decided to change protocol of treatment and use 3 cycles of the treatment with 1-day break in between: 5min on setting 3 flowed by 5 min on setting 1. Additionally, I placed inductors along sciatic nerve path and used device for 5min at setting 1. After 2 weeks of treatment completion, I feel no pain. It seems, it is important to feel enhanced pain during treatment. I have feeling that if no pain enhancement, you will have no effect. Move inductors up or down, or a little right or left. Warring! Indeed, treatment can increase or decrease blood pressure. After treatment, my systolic blood pressure has decreased about 15mm. However, my husband did not want use device even on a low setting. His blood pressure has increased 25 mm every time when he used it. Just recently, I have discovered that Almag+ helps me to relieve migraine headaches. I placed 4 inductors onto collar zone and used device for 5-10 min on setting 3 depending on severity of pain. I consider buying another handheld device to treat migraines. Several friends and neighbors told me that they used Almag-01 for years and very happy with the results of treatment. Bottom line, Almag+ is good investment. It does help.

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