I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better.



December 1, 2017
- - This is Ken. I came on Saturday with my mom and dad. I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better. This was noticed the next day by his friends, they meet weekly after church. He told my every day when he wakes up his feet feel like they are burning and he walks on the bathroom tiles to help cool them off. He used the device on his feet and the next day he noticed that his feet were not burning. The burning has been going on for roughly 5 years or more and now it is gone. Pretty amazing! My mom and dad are very happy with the quick results. They also appreciate the time, effort and care with helping my dad. They are very happy that they came to Brooklyn on Saturday and had that experience. They will work on the exercises and drink the structured water. I would like to thank you and Alex for you help. We really appreciate it. I have recommended this to a couple people over the weekend. I will buy another one soon. Can you send me your email address (if you use another) as well as Alex’s? I am supposed to send you some information. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the gift, that was really nice. OBTW, my mom wanted to ask how do you position the almag for the diabetes/ pancreas?

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