December 1, 2017
- - One evening I noticed that my Great Pyrenees, Bill, was licking a raw spot of skin above his right hip. I examined the spot, noting that it was about one inch in diameter. I knew Bill would keep the raw skin clean. I expected it to heal quickly. However, the next evening Bill was again licking the spot. I examined the spot. I noticed that the spot had grown substantially larger. This type of raw spot is commonly called a hot spot. I thought about how to help Bill heal. I guessed that the hot spot would not heal until Bill slacked off on the licking. The question was, how to convince an over 100 pound working/companion farm dog not to overly lick an itchy, uncomfortable raw spot of skin. I recalled that Lena, co-owner of Almagia, had previously told me about good results from treating dogs with the Magofon. I decided to treat Bill with my Magofon. I applied my Magofon to the hot spot for about 4 minutes. Bill enjoyed the Magofon treatment. He promptly relaxed and went to sleep. The next evening, I noticed Bill was licking the hot spot. I again treated the hot spot for about 4 minutes with my Magofon. Bill relaxed and went to sleep. I knew that the Magofon treatments made Bill feel better. I decided to treat Bill’s hot spot every evening with my Magofon for about four minutes. I followed this treatment plan for about a week. Bill’s hot spot healed rapidly. This successful Magofon treatment for my dear Great Pyrenees occurred about a year ago. Bill is very healthy and has had no further skin problems. Bill and I both like “our” Magofon.

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