Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed



December 1, 2017
- - I am a massage therapist on the beautiful island Curacao and I recently had the pleasure to meet Yelena Pukhovitskaya and see what miracles she does with her warm energetic hands. She also did some of her miracles on my sister. My sister had a weird swelling on her face from her eye going all the way down to her yaw and ear area. She had a treatment with this magnetic miracelous mashine and minutes later she looked just fine and with almost no pain. Her eye was red and after it was imediately less redish. She had twice in a row car accidents both with whiplash. Yelena give her some of her warm and miracelous hand treatments and she is feeling just fine. She had been visiting a pysiotherapist for a long time with no results. Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed. God bless you Yelena. Thank you sooo much!

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