Trusted Provider of Almag01, Almag02, Polimag 2, Magofon, Feya, Mavit, and other Portable PEMF Treatment & Thermotherapy Devices for Sinusitis & Body Pains.

The company ALMAGIA International® was formed in the beginning of 2008 by Yelena Pukhovitskaya, who has spent her entire career working as a massage therapist. From a humble story about a woman’s illness to the discovery of an effective treatment, ALMAGIA International® was born and is currently selling portable PEMF treatment and thermotherapy devices for medical problems like sinusitis and body pains. These include Almag01, Almag02, Mavit, Feya, Magofon, Polimag 2, and lots more.

In 2006, Yelena Pukhovitskaya became ill and started to experience severe back pain due to a shift in her inter-vertebral discs from working on her feet her entire life. With nothing helping to relieve her pain, Yelena and Robert started searching for PEMF companies who specialize in magnetic treatment or thermotherapy devices.

Yelena Pukhovitskaya

By a chance discovery, Yelena came across a manufacturer called Yelatma Instrument-Making Enterprise (ELAMED) which produced portable magnetic, acoustic, heating and vibration devices that helped eliminate back pain. Skeptical at first, she contacted the enterprise for more information regarding their remarkable product line. The company was not able to sell her a device, as they are manufacturers but did offer to send her a sample.

Upon receiving the portable ALMAG-01 device, Yelena followed the instructions and used the machine to reduce her pain. The machine did not emit any vibrations or heat, and there was no pain or any type of sensation. Disappointed, she got up after 10 minutes of use and realized her back pain was completely gone. She was able to bend down and the radiating pain in her legs that was always present was now gone. After several months of use Yelena was able to cure herself without surgeries or expensive medical treatments.

After telling her clients her story everyone wanted to try this “magic” machine. Once Yelena saw that this not only worked on her but her clients as well, she knew she has no choice but to help other people who were suffering from hundreds of ailments that these PEMF treatment and portable thermotherapy machines was able to alleviate.

In 2008, ALMAGIA International® became the US AGENT and exclusive representative in the United States for the portable PEMF devices and Thermotherapy equipment produced by Yelatma Instrument Making Enterprise, which help cure a list of ailments, including sinusitis and body pains. After 3 years, the company has sold a great number of devices and helped over 6000 people regain pain-free lives.

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Dr. William Pawluk

– Magnetic Therapy

in the U.S. Almagia

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It is important that your health care provider is aware of such treatments as Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy. If you’d like us to Contact Your Doctor or Therapist and tell them about Magnetic Therapy please fill out the form via: For Doctors & Therapists: The Polimag 2 Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy system is now available in the U.S. It is a PEMF machine available only to Health Care Professionals. To view other magnetic therapy medical-office-grade equipment go to Magnetic Therapy Products for Medical Office. Polimag is widely used throughout Europe. This innovative, unique, intensive and very effective therapy is offered by Dr. William Pawluk, a world authority on magnetic therapies. Dr Pawluk practices holistic medicine and uses a wide range of healing approaches. His magnetic therapy medicine practice includes treatment for a spectrum of conditions, many of which involve chronic pain conditions and many other conditions for which conventional medical care hasn’t helped. He has been on the faculties of Medicine at several major Medical Schools, including Hopkins, Maryland, Case Western and Rutgers.


About “ELAMED”

JSC Yelatma Instrument-Making Enterprise is a joint-stock company with 600 employees.

It was founded in 1980 and is a former USSR defense industry enterprise. Today JSC Yelatma Instrument-Making Enterprise is known under trademark ELAMED and specializes in medical products of two types: portable physio therapeutic medical devices that are certified for home use, and equipment to prevent hospital-acquired infections, such as ultrasonic systems for pre-sterilization cleaning, general purpose containers, protective equipment and others.

Enterprise’s quality control system was the first in Russia to be certified according to ISO and MDD93/42EEC standards. JSC Yelatma Instrument-Making Enterprise is a regular participant in international medical exhibitions, including International Exhibition “Medica” in Düsseldorf, Germany. Enterprise received multiple certifications and awards from many exhibitions and competitions, in Russia and abroad, such as Exhibition “Medicine”, in Düsseldorf and “Brussels-Eureka”, Brussels, Switzerland. Our clients include hundreds of medical facilities, thousands of pharmacies and millions of patients in Russia, CIS countries, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Australia and others countries including USA.

It’s worth mentioning that ALMAGIA International® is a regular participant of the FIME Expo which is considered to be the largest medical trade fair across the Americas. The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce the latest solutions in medicine to people all over the world.

The FIME show takes place at Miami Beach Convention Center annually. There you can find a vast range of the newest healthcare devices, from top-notch hospital equipment and quality nursing products to effective electro-medical devices and solutions for rehabilitation.

ALMAGIA International® is proud to be a regular exhibitor at FIME shows. Our medical devices were highly rated by many specialists with years of experience in medical practice.

The biggest advantage of our devices is that they can be successfully used at home, after only a consultation with a doctor. Our devices are used to prevent and treat many serious diseases such as bursitis, osteochondrosis, hypertension, hemorrhoids and prostatitis. The effectiveness of our devices is confirmed by test reports, feedback from hospitals, and the large amount of letters from doctors and patients from around the world.

The Enterprise has modern casting machines for plastics, and its own Research Center. We have branches and representatives in many countries around the world.


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