Warranty policy

Almagia International® Limited Two Year Warranty

Almagia International® (the MERCHANT) is fully authorized to provide a Limited TWO (2) Year Warranty for devices manufactured by ELAMED factory for the MERCHANT from the date of purchase. This Warranty does not apply to products not purchased directly through the MERCHANT even if the product has The MERCHANT Logo on it or has been obtained elsewhere but, manufactured by ELAMED.
The warranty covers a replacement of any device purchased by the MERCHANT, malfunction of which was caused by manufacturing defect/error and not caused by malicious misuse or physical damage by the end-user (customer), misuse (such as using the device for something other than what it was intended for or in a way you know it cannot or should not operate or be used, or for periods of time longer than specified in the manual), intentional or accidental damage, water damage, damage during the possession of the device by the shipping carrier. Any damage caused to the device by something other than manufacturing defect/error will not be covered by the Almagia International’s Limited Two Year Warranty.
The MERCHANT reserves the right to inspect each and every device we receive for repairs via the Return Authorization (RA) for malicious misuse and/or tamper. Devices purchased from the MERCHANT that are found to be tampered with (“opened” or “unscrewed”) shall be voided of any warranty and returned back to the customer at customer’s expense, furthermore, in order to prevent fraud and protect our customers the MERCHANT requires shipping insurance to be added to every RA (warranty repair) Request (every product sent to the MERCHANT for repair or a refund) with absolutely no exceptions. The MERCHANT reserves the right to reject a package that does not have an insurance added to it.
Devices damaged during shipping or because of shipping error (such as packages left under the rain, dropped inside the delivery truck, etc. ) must be processed (“claimed”) through shipping carrier’s insurance and shipping carrier’s insurance alone. The MERCHANT does not reimburse shipping costs associated with warranty repairs, RA’s or returns. Free Shipping and/or any promotional shipping only covers a one way shipping cost to and not from customer.

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