The device Almag

I have been using the device Almag for 2 weeks now and my pain is hardly noticeable during extended periods of activity. I am forever grateful for your kind thoughts.

Daniel Hull Wausau, Wisconsin

After using Almag -01 my legs have begun to soften up not ache or pain me anymore.

When I was about 4 or 5 yrs old, I had some fish hooks stuck in my leg. They did not know how to get them out, so they cut the top part and left the other part in my leg 3 hooks in my left leg and 2 in my right leg. My legs looked normal until I turn 60 yrs old. my calves were hard and had a weird feeling about them. After using Almag -01 my legs have begun to soften up not ache or pain me anymore. When I was 18 I got crushed between a 36-ton truck and telephone pole. My back is scrabble looking on x-rays. I use it on my back and right leg to help with pain. It has help me on almost every problem I've put it on. My sister had liver and head trauma. It took the swelling down out of her head lower her blood platelets which were too high and much much more. Caused her biles to move regularly.

Tommy Lee, Texas

Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed

I am a massage therapist on the beautiful island Curacao and I recently had the pleasure to meet Yelena Pukhovitskaya and see what miracles she does with her warm energetic hands. She also did some of her miracles on my sister. My sister had a weird swelling on her face from her eye going all the way down to her yaw and ear area. She had a treatment with this magnetic miracelous mashine and minutes later she looked just fine and with almost no pain. Her eye was red and after it was imediately less redish. She had twice in a row car accidents both with whiplash. Yelena give her some of her warm and miracelous hand treatments and she is feeling just fine. She had been visiting a pysiotherapist for a long time with no results. Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed. God bless you Yelena. Thank you sooo much!

Anouk Fortin

Magnetic therapy works!

I have severe fibromyalgia along with 4 other chronic pain conditions, yet I can go to work 5 days a week, and on my feet! I couldn't do it without the magnets. I've been using the therapy for 16 years now                   

Jane Drahos

This little machine Almag 01 is changing my life

This little machine is changing my life to a the best it can be!!!! No pain at all!!!! My back feels, like I a 20 years old again, and blood pressure is 120 on 80, which was like this for more then 10 years!!!! It is a miraculous machine, and I could not be more happy!!!! Feels so good and young!!!! And such good mood....

Alida Valli

I couldn't live without my Almag-01

Thank you, Yelena Pukhovitskaya, for your amazing customer service! I couldn't live without my Almag-01 and you really did make my holiday and restore my faith in people. Your generosity is so appreciated!

Lynda DeFord Baltimore, MD

I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better.

This is Ken. I came on Saturday with my mom and dad. I am happy to tell you that my dad is walking better. This was noticed the next day by his friends, they meet weekly after church. He told my every day when he wakes up his feet feel like they are burning and he walks on the bathroom tiles to help cool them off. He used the device on his feet and the next day he noticed that his feet were not burning. The burning has been going on for roughly 5 years or more and now it is gone. Pretty amazing! My mom and dad are very happy with the quick results. They also appreciate the time, effort and care with helping my dad. They are very happy that they came to Brooklyn on Saturday and had that experience. They will work on the exercises and drink the structured water. I would like to thank you and Alex for you help. We really appreciate it. I have recommended this to a couple people over the weekend. I will buy another one soon. Can you send me your email address (if you use another) as well as Alex's? I am supposed to send you some information. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the gift, that was really nice. OBTW, my mom wanted to ask how do you position the almag for the diabetes/ pancreas?

 Thanks again, Ken

My dad is feeling allot better

Just wanted t say thanks again for all your help. My dad is feeling allot better. His diabetic neuropathy I am currently borrowing his almag for our sick cat. We will eventually get another. The vet bills were quite large 


Almag 02 is a great addition to my physical therapy toolkit

I have been using Almag 02 for over a year, and I have seen great results. Almag 02 is a great addition to my physical therapy toolkit. The patients love being treated with no pain or discomfort or drugs. The treatments are effective and easy to perform at home and in the clinical setting. This modality helps me achieve visible results faster then simply using conventional physical therapy techniques. 

Tatyana Sheykhet PT


One evening I noticed that my Great Pyrenees, Bill, was licking a raw spot of skin above his right hip. I examined the spot, noting that it was about one inch in diameter. I knew Bill would keep the raw skin clean. I expected it to heal quickly. However, the next evening Bill was again licking the spot. I examined the spot. I noticed that the spot had grown substantially larger. This type of raw spot is commonly called a hot spot. I thought about how to help Bill heal. I guessed that the hot spot would not heal until Bill slacked off on the licking. The question was, how to convince an over 100 pound working/companion farm dog not to overly lick an itchy, uncomfortable raw spot of skin. I recalled that Lena, co-owner of Almagia, had previously told me about good results from treating dogs with the Magofon. I decided to treat Bill with my Magofon. I applied my Magofon to the hot spot for about 4 minutes. Bill enjoyed the Magofon treatment. He promptly relaxed and went to sleep. The next evening, I noticed Bill was licking the hot spot. I again treated the hot spot for about 4 minutes with my Magofon. Bill relaxed and went to sleep. I knew that the Magofon treatments made Bill feel better. I decided to treat Bill's hot spot every evening with my Magofon for about four minutes. I followed this treatment plan for about a week. Bill's hot spot healed rapidly. This successful Magofon treatment for my dear Great Pyrenees occurred about a year ago. Bill is very healthy and has had no further skin problems. Bill and I both like "our" Magofon.

 testimonial from E. Campbell, 2014

Multiple sclerosis

I have had MS since 1997, a debilitating disease that is considered by medicine as an auto-immune condition, attacking the mylen sheath surrounding the nerves, causing many debilitating symptoms, including numbness, pain, fatigue, loss of bladder function, eye-sight and much more. Over the years, the auto-immune theory never convinced me of its validity, given their is still no concrete answer for the cause of MS, nor is there a definitive treatment. Conventional drug therapies claim to have benefits, although they still do not offer a cure. Additionally, they come with serious side effects and can not promise that the course of the disease has been altered, even though the literature said so. While many drugs offer hope for some diseases, I have looked with caution upon companies that reap huge financial profits and have enormous marketing campaigns. Now, thankfully, patients are demanding better ideas and atlas, the auto-immune theory is being turned on its head by a new and promising idea, CCSVI (Chronic Cerebral Venous Insufficiency) a vascular condition, resulting in improper blood flow. Nevertheless, in my early years with MS, I tried the drug therapies, hoping the benefits outweighed the risks, although I found the side effects very debilitating and I could not conclude that these drugs were stopping the course of my progression. So over the years, I decided to stop drug therapy and maintain an extremely open mind to all possibilities for healing. As part of my relentless searching for help, I was introduced to Almagia magnets, Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Fields, an idea I had not come across before . After doing a little research online, I was interested in finding out more. I called Lena Pukhovitskaya to inquire about them and how they should be applied. She offered showed me how to use them. I have been using the magnets at home for symptom relief. They do increase my circulation, which allows me to do some of my daily activities with improved ease. While the magnets are not a cure all, they offer a benefit of improved mobility and lessen the pain and numbness, at least for me. I have found that the magnets offer a natural, painless method of healing energy. 

 Andrea A. Brooklyn, NY

Carpal Tunnel & Back Pain

I have been acquainted with you for over 10 years and knew that your massage therapy had to help my carpal tunnel syndrome. Last year when you started telling me about these devices and how much they helped with what sounded like everything, I have to tell you I was skeptical. As you know I am a diabetic and have had a previous heart attack and have a stent in place. Seems like the last 3 or 4 years I have seen such a downfall in my overall health. I explained to you the problems I was having with my feet, neck and back and you kept telling me I needed to use the Almag and I just kept thinking I would try home remedies, etc. Finally after being so discouraged, I decided maybe I should try them. Well one more time, you were right. I have been using the Almag on my feet now for a week and already I see a marked improvement in the numbness and pain. I have also been using on my back and spine. I have been feeling better overall. I have more energy, sleep better and feel better than I have in the past 4+ years. Tim has been using Almag on his shoulder and back and has also seen a marked improvement and so much less pain. Tony has been using the Magafon and he says his ankle swelling, pain, and discomfort have almost gone completely and his pain.You know he injured it over a year ago. I would certainly recommend to other friends and family. As a matter of fact, I already have. I have told several people about them and directed them to the website. I think these units are phenomenal and will certainly be of use to people, young and old for all types of health issues and physical handicaps. They have helped me already in so many ways. I have been so excited about the devices, I can’t decide where I should use them first. Thank you so much for caring and sharing you expertise and knowledge with me & my family. You are the best! 

Best Regards, Terri M. – Palm Coast FL

My Chow Chow was getting up on his own and walking almost the way he used to before the illness

Hi Lena, My Chow Chow is now doing very well. He has had only seven sessions with the Magofon-01 and their has been very obvious improvements. He has very serious hip dysplasia and arthritis. We thought we would have to put him down since he was unable to get up and could barely walk. We started giving him homeopathic medicine which help, however, it wasn't until we started using the PEMF device. After his fourth treatment he was getting up on his own and walking almost the way he used to before the illness. After seven treatments his abilities are amazing particularly since he is over 13 years old. Additionally, I sincerely appreciate the expert support that I have been receiving. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you and your company. My many thanks for this wonderful device as it has brought my buddy back to me. My very best regards. 

 ED PASQUELLA St Augustine, Florida

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