December 3, 2020


Thank you very much Elamed for such an amazing machine Mavit. I was suffering from the prostate problem since 2014 and the drugs doctors prescribed had serious side effects. In Nov 2020 doctor told me to go for surgery as my uroflowmetry flow was minimal., and surgery to has side effects like retrograde ejaculation and other issues which is a disaster. I could not get the machine in covid period, but in August 20 I got the machine. After I used it for a few days my flow improved significantly. It is now as good as normal. I am very happy that I need not go for surgery, and urologist is too is surprised  and he said at present no need for surgery. This is one-time expense, and there is no recurring expenditure. I am thrilled and happy and suggest my friends and relatives who suffer from prostate issues. I once again thank you so much.

Ramesh Vachhani, Secunderabad, INDIA
November 16, 2020

Necessity for every household!!

Alright, where to begin!
Me and my brother bought ALMAG-2 VER2 for our nerve condition. It is a fact that this stabilizes body function, blood circulation and energy. This device is also great to counteract the effect that stress and harmful EMFs has on the body. Anyway, this device is helping my family and family friends in remarkable way.

My mother has Microscopic Colitis which is basically inflamed colon, this device is greatly reducing her condition, she has now used the device for 3-4 weeks and all pains after meals and bloating is greatly reduced…also, her hip pain in the morning when she stands up from bed is gone…so the anti-inflammatory ALMAGIA programs are working.

Friend of the family is recovery from stroke. She claims her sensation is better, she has greater energy and better blood flow circulation. Her friends are mentioning to her that they notice this energetic glow around her.

My father is using this device for his Prost aid and bladder and is seeing result, less wake-up-to-pee moments during the night. 🙂

In my opinion PEMF device is something that should belong to every household as a preventive measures for illnesses and as a healing device!

Hakon Orn, Iceland
August 28, 2020

Good News today!

Good News today! The perforation into my sinuses is now closed = bone is closed…. follow up cat scan reveals swelling and inflammation markedly improved and sinus passageways are now open so infection now has a passageway to drain/leave my body! Doctor was flabbergasted, stating “This was not what I was expecting to see… this healing is miraculous!”. I went from a “total white out” to open passageways…. apparently this does not happen so I contribute my supersonic progress to Lina’s Magofon from Almagia Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy I have been on numerous antibiotics for FIVE MONTHS…. nothing was helping…. the perforation was allowing bacteria into my sinuses and the infection was systemic (spreading into my bloodstream). Nothing was helping… NOTHING. We were bracing for surgery. A week of the Magofon and I am a “walking miracle”…. nope, just finally found the right course of treatment. Thank you Lina for giving me my life back. I still have a long road to recovery but at least I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel!

Tina Wells,
July 15, 2020

All is going well with the Almags, we are very pleased.

All is going well with the Almags, we are very pleased. We had loaned the PEMF pad we’ve had for years to my daughter. And, while it helped, my wife, who has chronic back discomfort with her scoliosis, got saw her situation get worse. Now all of us have Almags and I’m happy to say that my wife got relief almost immediately. I hope all is well with you, stay safe.

John Mahaffy,
December 10, 2019

Good morning Yelena, thank you for the treatment of yesterday, I slept for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Sinds my colon operation in 2003 I ‘am suffering of insomnia. In 2013 I start getting my sleep back for 1 hour till I have reached 4 hours. The last pass months I lost mine sleep for weeks, and it is always difficult to get mine sleep back. Today I wake up with very less back pain . Nice to have meet you and have a nice ✈ back home❤

Ester Arman,



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