April 10, 2023

Almag+ helped me recover from knee surgery

I purchased an Almag+ (love it) from you a little over a month ago in anticipation of total knee replacement surgery. I had the surgery and have completed a course of treatment with the Almag+. The manual says I should wait 6 to 8 weeks before doing another treatment, but obviously I am not completely healed yet. Do I need to wait or can I start another 3 week treatment course now?

Nicole Bishop,
March 23, 2023


Yelena Pukhovitskaya is not only an expert in earth energy medicine with an international clientele, but she also provides the most immediate and accessible customer support I have experienced in many years – 48 to 72 hour live consultation and advisement as needed.

J. Ellison, Greater Los Angeles
January 27, 2023


Yelena is a real customer champion! I needed to get the Almag+ version urgently to address a medical condition so I called the company.  Yelena took her personal time outside of regular customer service hours to make sure that my purchase went though. She also ensured a prompt shipment so I could start using the device as soon as possible. THANK YOU!

December 28, 2022


Hello. I have been using and treating animals with PEMF units for 20yrs and I just recently purchased the AlMag +. My mom, 82yo, has degenerative spine and buldging discs in her back, knees are “bone on bone”, AFib, high cholesterol etc. She treated her knees for 10min. each on Program 3 last night and called me this morning to say “I want you to know that after having my knees treated with the AlMag + I was able to stretch out my legs and sleep PAIN FREE. That is the most rest I’ve gotten without pain in a long time”.
Thank you Yelena. You are a blessing to me and my family.

Julie Bridewell, Louisiana
March 15, 2022

Life changing!!! I had a fractured scaphoid bone in my wrist that did not heal for over 3 months. Multiple doctors looked at it, including one of the best specialists in the country and I was scheduled for a surgery. It would have been an open reduction internal fixation surgery with bone grafting which means a piece of bone would be removed from a different part of my body, placed inside the scaphoid fracture and screwed together. I decided to try pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) using ALMAG-01 device. When the doctor looked at the results of my CT Scan her jaw dropped. She said “I am flabbergasted, I have never seen this before.” Keep in mind that this doctor is one of the best specialists in the US for this specific injury. I am so happy and thankful that I met Yelena. Listen to her suggestions on which device to use and how to use it. Infinitely thankful!!!

Stan Pyvovar,



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