December 1, 2017

The device Almag

I have been using the device Almag for 2 weeks now and my pain is hardly noticeable during extended periods of activity. I am forever grateful for your kind thoughts.

Daniel Hull Wausau, Wisconsin,
December 1, 2017

After using Almag -01 my legs have begun to soften up not ache or pain me anymore.

When I was about 4 or 5 yrs old, I had some fish hooks stuck in my leg. They did not know how to get them out, so they cut the top part and left the other part in my leg 3 hooks in my left leg and 2 in my right leg. My legs looked normal until I turn 60 yrs old. my calves were hard and had a weird feeling about them. After using Almag -01 my legs have begun to soften up not ache or pain me anymore. When I was 18 I got crushed between a 36-ton truck and telephone pole. My back is scrabble looking on x-rays. I use it on my back and right leg to help with pain. It has help me on almost every problem I’ve put it on. My sister had liver and head trauma. It took the swelling down out of her head lower her blood platelets which were too high and much much more. Caused her biles to move regularly.

Tommy Lee, Texas
December 1, 2017

Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed

I am a massage therapist on the beautiful island Curacao and I recently had the pleasure to meet Yelena Pukhovitskaya and see what miracles she does with her warm energetic hands. She also did some of her miracles on my sister. My sister had a weird swelling on her face from her eye going all the way down to her yaw and ear area. She had a treatment with this magnetic miracelous mashine and minutes later she looked just fine and with almost no pain. Her eye was red and after it was imediately less redish. She had twice in a row car accidents both with whiplash. Yelena give her some of her warm and miracelous hand treatments and she is feeling just fine. She had been visiting a pysiotherapist for a long time with no results. Yelena and her magnetic therapy is all she needed. God bless you Yelena. Thank you sooo much!

Anouk Fortin,
December 1, 2017

Magnetic therapy works!

I have severe fibromyalgia along with 4 other chronic pain conditions, yet I can go to work 5 days a week, and on my feet! I couldn’t do it without the magnets. I’ve been using the therapy for 16 years now

Jane Drahos,
December 1, 2017

This little machine Almag 01 is changing my life

This little machine is changing my life to a the best it can be!!!! No pain at all!!!! My back feels, like I a 20 years old again, and blood pressure is 120 on 80, which was like this for more then 10 years!!!! It is a miraculous machine, and I could not be more happy!!!! Feels so good and young!!!! And such good mood….

Alida Valli,



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