January 14, 2019

The Elmi want is an amazing machine

After using the Almag one on my 7 1/2-year-old grandson On his spine for 20 minutes he gets up put your shoes on and within two minutes he saying grandma my legs feel different I think I could be the fastest guy in school now about five minutes later on the way to lunch he says grandma my arms feel different to we got back from lunch he laid down on the sofa and 2 1/2 hours later I woke him up his mom was here getting he never takes naps the Elmi want is an amazing machine that I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very proud to have

Cristinel, Texas
January 11, 2019

certainly restore quality of life

I had been suffering from severe erectile dysfunction for several years. Although under treatment by a very capable urologist, the only “cure” that the urologist could come up with was prescribing Viagra/Levitra/Cialis. All three drugs do help in resolving ED, but the side effects were completely unmanageable. As well, I also suffered prostatitis and Epididymitis . Again, the urologist was unable to provide any specific cures for the conditions. I decided to do my own research and I was fortunate enough after several weeks of research to come across the Elamed/ Almagia Mavit machine. I started using this machine and had some improvement in about a week. After two months, improvements were quite good. Over the long-term, I would have to say that the Mavit completely cured all three ailments. The ability to resume normal relations with my spouse may well have save my marriage and certainly restored my quality of life. All the more amazing in that I am 68 years young and these conditions are much more difficult to treat the older that you are. I can recommend the Mavit without any qualification. The approximately $600 price was a fraction of what I spent on medical appointments and pharmaceuticals.

Steve, California
January 11, 2019

Almag+ is working! Good investment!

I was considering purchasing Almag for about 2 years. My major concerns were: i) whether device made in Russia (220 V) will work in the USA; ii) whether device made with general consumer in mind will have high enough penetrating power. Now, Elamed makes devices that can be used in the USA. I decided to risk and buy Almag+ . Another reason for me to purchase Almag was that I had severe low back pain and sciatic problems in the past 3 month before I purchase Almag+. Usually, I had them ones every two years. Thanks to Yelena, she helped me to make my mind. First, I started low back pain treatment at setting 3 for 5 min and increased to 10 min on day 2. I placed emitters or inductors, as Elamed called them the hand book, along lumbar and sacrum areas. First impression is that treatment increases pain from 3-4 to 5-7 on 1-10 scale. After 5 min post treatment pain disappeared and reappeared in about 10-12 hrs. I decided to change protocol of treatment and use 3 cycles of the treatment with 1-day break in between: 5min on setting 3 flowed by 5 min on setting 1. Additionally, I placed inductors along sciatic nerve path and used device for 5min at setting 1. After 2 weeks of treatment completion, I feel no pain. It seems, it is important to feel enhanced pain during treatment. I have feeling that if no pain enhancement, you will have no effect. Move inductors up or down, or a little right or left. Warring! Indeed, treatment can increase or decrease blood pressure. After treatment, my systolic blood pressure has decreased about 15mm. However, my husband did not want use device even on a low setting. His blood pressure has increased 25 mm every time when he used it. Just recently, I have discovered that Almag+ helps me to relieve migraine headaches. I placed 4 inductors onto collar zone and used device for 5-10 min on setting 3 depending on severity of pain. I consider buying another handheld device to treat migraines. Several friends and neighbors told me that they used Almag-01 for years and very happy with the results of treatment. Bottom line, Almag+ is good investment. It does help.

Elena, Salt Lake City
December 1, 2017

My Chow Chow was getting up on his own and walking almost the way he used to before the illness

Hi Lena, My Chow Chow is now doing very well. He has had only seven sessions with the Magofon-01 and their has been very obvious improvements. He has very serious hip dysplasia and arthritis. We thought we would have to put him down since he was unable to get up and could barely walk. We started giving him homeopathic medicine which help, however, it wasn’t until we started using the PEMF device. After his fourth treatment he was getting up on his own and walking almost the way he used to before the illness. After seven treatments his abilities are amazing particularly since he is over 13 years old. Additionally, I sincerely appreciate the expert support that I have been receiving. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with you and your company. My many thanks for this wonderful device as it has brought my buddy back to me. My very best regards.

ED PASQUELLA St Augustine, Florida,
December 1, 2017

Carpal Tunnel & Back Pain

I have been acquainted with you for over 10 years and knew that your massage therapy had to help my carpal tunnel syndrome. Last year when you started telling me about these devices and how much they helped with what sounded like everything, I have to tell you I was skeptical. As you know I am a diabetic and have had a previous heart attack and have a stent in place. Seems like the last 3 or 4 years I have seen such a downfall in my overall health. I explained to you the problems I was having with my feet, neck and back and you kept telling me I needed to use the Almag and I just kept thinking I would try home remedies, etc. Finally after being so discouraged, I decided maybe I should try them. Well one more time, you were right. I have been using the Almag on my feet now for a week and already I see a marked improvement in the numbness and pain. I have also been using on my back and spine. I have been feeling better overall. I have more energy, sleep better and feel better than I have in the past 4+ years. Tim has been using Almag on his shoulder and back and has also seen a marked improvement and so much less pain. Tony has been using the Magafon and he says his ankle swelling, pain, and discomfort have almost gone completely and his pain.You know he injured it over a year ago. I would certainly recommend to other friends and family. As a matter of fact, I already have. I have told several people about them and directed them to the website. I think these units are phenomenal and will certainly be of use to people, young and old for all types of health issues and physical handicaps. They have helped me already in so many ways. I have been so excited about the devices, I can’t decide where I should use them first. Thank you so much for caring and sharing you expertise and knowledge with me & my family. You are the best!

Best Regards, Terri M. – Palm Coast FL,



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