September 6, 2021

Best. It was the first ever created for NASA for the astronauts coming back from space. They lose their joints and cell matter is compromised. The Dr who created almag, created this entire system. All emf machines wrre developed based on his data. You will never be let down with almagia (the device is called almag). Where better to go, then to the best and the creator of the emf? In one of my own cases, my dog pulled my arm out after taking off when I had the leash attached to my arm. It was a 3rd degree rotator cuff tear. They say only an operation can reverse that damage. I use the almag twice a day. I should be using it 4 times, which would speed up the healing. In the beginning, I was afraid I would never be able to lift or use my arm again, now after 6 months, I can lift things, move and lift my arm, lay in my arm. I’m at about 80% healed now. It’ll be less than a month before I’ll be đź’Ż healed. Without the need for surgery. #2 whenever I get a bad headache, I put the almag on my head. It’s gone in about 10 minutes. This goes for migraines too. Menstrual cramps…miraculous. It kills pain. All pain. Almag heals all disease. Even covid. It’s a real Godsend. I hope you will look it up and click on the chat page. Yelena will respond. She’s worked with the Dr for years. She’s an encyclopedia on the almag device and it’s processes. You can’t go wrong with almag. I just wish everyone in the his group would go to almagia. So many are using these machines that have so many problems with them. This is affront to healing. But they’re so committed to a bad machine that alot still want to see their machines worked on and enhanced by the manufacturer whwn Allrhey need is to move over to the almag.

Gladis Catton, Arizona, US
June 16, 2021

I had a auto accident 8 years ago and had to have neck surgery which went bad. I had electric shocks throughout my body and could barely walk. After years of trying different things: drugs, yoga, stretching, etc. I ran across an article on the electrical magnetic pulse device where I found the Almag 01 device. It has brought me back to normal before the accident. No more electrical shocks throughout my body. It has been a miracle recovery for me. Thanks so much!

Edwin D Hedgpeth,
January 13, 2021

Almag for support of the spine!

If you have been suffering from pains in the back, you must have ALMAG in your home health kit. This portable magnetic therapy device acts through the traveling pulse magnetic field – the most effective type of therapeutic magnetic fields.
It is exceptionally convenient to get ALMAG treatments in osteochondrosis: A patient may lie on it with its back down, or may wrap it around the lower back or the next. Then the device is simply plugged in and applied to the affected area. ALMAG shuts off automatically in 20 minutes. The treatment cycle includes 1-2 sessions pre day, and lasts the total of 18 days. 1.5 – 2 months later, the confirmation cycle is performed, with the maintenance treatment cycles conducted at least twice a year
ALMAG’s action promotes pain-killing and sedative effects, and removes swelling and inflammation. Chondroprotectors, myorelaxants, heating rubs and gels are more effective when used in combination with the ALMAG magnetic therapy.
If you buy ALMAG, you will acquire an ability to undergo magnetic procedures at home, at any time and place convenient for you. You may get treated and do something you like – watch TV, work on a computer, talk over the phone or browse through magazines – at the same time. Another advantage is in the minimum of contraindications registered for magnetic therapy, which allows all family members from young to old to use the device in treatment.
Almag has been wonderful in helping me overcome my arthritis and osteochondrosis. I am 55 years old, and now in the morning I can actually get up – rather then crawl out of the bed. I could not even dream about it before! Pains have been gone, and I am not afraid of their return: I always have Almag at my reach; it is simple to use and very effective. Please accept our gratitude and heartfelt thank you.
God bless you.

The Gerthieu family,
December 24, 2020


I’ve owned my Almag-01 PEMF device machine for over a year and can’t imagine life without it now. Originally I got it to heal a broken wrist which it worked wonders on. When I was in the cast I was in so much pain, and the sweeping magnetic pulses were very comforting. When I went back for x-rays the Doctor was surprised at how well the bones were knitting. Since then I have used it for the whole family–including the dogs who love it and try to crowd into the field when it’s on–for everything from bumps and scrapes to boosting immune system to healing more quickly from flu and bronchitis. We also use it to charge up and restructure our drinking water which has a lovely sweetness and smooth taste and really feels like it’s hydrating the body.

I’ve had wonderful experiences working with you, Yelena, you are always there at the other end of the phone with excellent suggestions and advice and you are truly knowledgeable.

I hope to be able to afford another machine this year, I really believe in this technology, it is genius. I tell everyone I know.

Devra Muzik, Bradenton, Florida, United States
December 3, 2020


Thank you very much Elamed for such an amazing machine Mavit. I was suffering from the prostate problem since 2014 and the drugs doctors prescribed had serious side effects. In Nov 2020 doctor told me to go for surgery as my uroflowmetry flow was minimal., and surgery to has side effects like retrograde ejaculation and other issues which is a disaster. I could not get the machine in covid period, but in August 20 I got the machine. After I used it for a few days my flow improved significantly. It is now as good as normal. I am very happy that I need not go for surgery, and urologist is too is surprised  and he said at present no need for surgery. This is one-time expense, and there is no recurring expenditure. I am thrilled and happy and suggest my friends and relatives who suffer from prostate issues. I once again thank you so much.

Ramesh Vachhani, Secunderabad, INDIA



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