Benefits of PEMF therapy for degenerative disc problems



November 9, 2017
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PEMF systems are extraordinarily helpful for degenerative disc problems. Nothing will correct this problem short of spinal fusion. Spinal fusion is reserved for patients in the most severe circumstances, because of the risks of the surgery. Sometimes surgery will remove a fragment of the disc if that is necessary and can be extremely helpful. For most people the discs are not severe enough to warrant a surgical procedures. Most of the time the fundamental conventional treatments are going to be physical therapy, medications and maybe chiropractic. Relaxing the back muscles is critical, since muscles that are contracted or in spasm pull the discs closer together, aggravating the problem. Degenerative discs are caused by dehydration of the disc and wear and tear. They are comparable to dried out jelly filled doughnuts. Unfortunately current medical/surgical therapies do not correct the disc, they simply provide stabilization and pain management.

PEMF therapy help degenerative disc problems by reducing muscle spasm, relieving pain, reducing inflammation of the nerve being compressed by the disc, and improving circulation to the area. PEMFs allow for daily treatment in the home setting, reducing the need for medications, physical therapy and chiropractic. With some patients the need for these services are completely eliminated. They also tend to reduce or eliminate the need for steroid injections into the back, which only provide temporary relief, anyway.

Because of the frequency with which this problem happens, and the fact that it basically is lifetime, I recommend PEMFs to all of my back pain patients, with great results. There is no perfect solution for this problem, but PEMFs in my experience are the best solution available. A purchase of a PEMF system will provide lifelong benefit. In addition, a home-based PEMF system can also be used by other people in the household, including pets. Therefore, the value extends beyond just one individual. Further, even though the PEMF may be purchased for a specific problem, such as degenerative disc – related back pain, it also provides lifetime health maintenance benefits to the rest of the body. This means that you get a multipurpose treatment system, that maximizes its value.

Deciding on a PEMF system, depends on whether there are other health issues involved and the individual’s budget. If the health maintenance aspect is not important or there are no other significant health issues present, a simple system may be all that is necessary. The simple system I usually recommend is the Back Pain, Lumbar Disc Disease, and PEMF. A better, stronger, whole body and local treatment system. If there is significant nerve root compression a stronger system will likely be needed. In the case of athletes or very physically active individuals, including people who do a lot of physical work, the stronger systems would be better.

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