Alzheimer’s and PEMF Therapy



November 8, 2017
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By Dr. William Pawluk,

There are over 25 million people suffering with this Alzheimer’s disease with no end in sight. The cause for the disease is relatively unknown, with the exception of a few genetic differences that have been noticed.

Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia. This basically means that you have memory loss and loss of certain cognitive abilities. This disease will worsen over time with the beginning being slight memory loss until it will lead to the loss of ability to carry on a conversation to eventual death. This disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has shown itself as tremendously useful in helping Alzheimer’s. Studies have found that the general effects of PEMF therapy relating to brain cells do have a positive effect.

The ALMAG 03 (DIAMAG) PEMF device could make a difference in the quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients, so if you or a loved one is suffering from this catastrophic disease please give PEMF therapy a chance and see what ALMAG 03 (DIAMAG) can accomplish and improve your quality of life.

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It’s Science.

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