Finding the Best Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices

The use of magnetic therapy can be traced back glancing into the history that showcases different ancient civilization utilizing it as a natural fo...

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The EMF effects on water

The EMF effects on water are most likely due to structural defects in the water and the water memory may be ascribed to stable aspects of such ...

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Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Devices

Many studies have suggested that a big number of men have problems due to inflammation of the prostate. And this problem is growing day by day....

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PEMF Therapy Devices- An Important Investment for Your Health

Are you suffering from severe joint pain? Are you looking forward to get some relief from the concurrent pain? If yes then pulsed electromagnetic ...

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Forget about back pain forever

Today, a huge number of people complain about back pain. This problem has ceased to belong to only elderly - more and more young people seek help i...

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Biological Actions

By: Dr. William Pawluk Western clinical thinking is usually focused on a disease-specific model. Each disease has specific physiologic an...

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PEMF Contraindications

“By Dr. William Pawluk” Despite magnetic therapy’s generally recognized safety, account must be taken of some possible actions which shou...

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Joint Pain Treatment

Healthy joints are crucial to our overall, holistic health. The joints are responsible for connecting the different parts of the body between bone...

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Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is a common complaint. About two in three people will experience a type of acute or mild neck pain at some point in their lives. Many ca...

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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can have a significant impact on many areas of our life. The good news is that medical and technological advancements are allowing us to...

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