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What do you generally do when you have pain or injuries? You are most likely to buy medicine or drugs that offer you instant relief, right? But what if the pain lasts longer than you imagined? You are most likely to search for options that have no drugs or any kind of surgery involved, right? 

Do you see the shift in mindset that changed from buying slowly killing drugs to one that has the same output but only kills your pain? It is where PEMF therapy devices come in! 

In this blog, you will learn why to choose PEMF therapy devices, along with the PEMF machine prices coming into different categories!

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How Much Are PEMF Machines’ Prices Upsurging?


“The global PEMF Therapy Device market was valued at USD 595.75 million in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 781.94 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 4.64% from 2023 to 2030.” 

As the numbers are rising, it is also indicating the demand for PEMF devices, along with the confirmation that they are effective in use. The results are true and help many avoid getting trapped in heavy doses of addictive medications and life-threatening surgeries.

Why Do You Need to Invest in PEMF Machines?


  • Relaxes Your Pain 

PEMF therapy relieves pain in both the immediate and long-term by preventing it, decreasing inflammatory processes, increasing oxygenation of tissues, blood and fluid circulation, and cellular flexibility. 

It works by boosting the body’s own healing mechanism, which helps eradicate the source of suffering. Also, PEMF therapy relieves nerve pain and may decrease the progression of nerve degeneration. It also alters the direction that pain impulses go to the brain, reducing the sense of pain. 

  • Improves Sleep Quality 

PEMF machines are a good source of human growth hormone, which is usually helpful in regulating your sleep cycle. Most of the disorders have the tendency to disturb your sleep pattern, making it really difficult to sleep as well. The electromagnetic field offers vibration that relaxes the nerves and helps you regain peaceful sleep.  

  • Reduces Swelling and Inflammation 

PEMF therapy lowers pain and swelling by stimulating cytokines, tiny amino acids that regulate the function of the immune system and cell types. It also affects the processes of metabolism that regulate and resolve the body’s inflammatory response. 

  • Boosts the Immune System 

PEMF therapy can stimulate a variety of intracellular pathways, including immune system activities and mechanisms, which play an important part in tissue regeneration. Good health necessitates a balanced immune cell response, which PEMF therapy helps to achieve by charging cells and allowing them to function optimally.

What Do Almagia PEMF Machines Offer?


Devices Benefits PEMF Machine Price
Almag-01 Improves oxygenation of the blood and overall circulation. $719
Almag-02 Balance Blood pressure $4500
Almag-03 Relax muscles and improve the body’s ability to regenerate cells. $1799
MAVIT Lowers inflammation and improves prostate function. Improved tissue microcirculation in the prostate and per prostatic formations, analgesic impact under vibration and pulsed magnetic field factors, and reduction of spasmodic and edematous components associated with the prostate inflammatory process. $759
MEGOFON-PEMF Therapy Device Effective for rapid pain relief from arthritis, gout, injuries, sinusitis, etc. Pain relief and natural healing support via electromagnetic fields. $538
Almag+ Advanced magnetic stimulation device for treating musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems, with home usage capacity. $789


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy: A Study About Wound Healing


According to Wound Practice and Research 2023, “An integrative overview of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and wound healing” by John Helmy was conducted. 

This review examines the most recent research to summarize the growing potential uses, advantages, and hazards of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) in wound healing. Electromagnetic fields have traditionally been utilized as an adjuvant therapy for osteoarthritis and other joint-related illnesses. 

PEMF is being investigated for application in different disorders, including incision wound repair, diabetes-related foot ulcers (DFU), and pressure ulcers. However, the cellular response to PEMF varies greatly and is most likely controlled by a number of parameters, including frequency, length, tissue type, stage of wound recovery, and field strength.  

This great degree of diversity may explain why PEMF appears to stimulate cell proliferation in certain situations while inhibiting cell growth in others. This research could also serve as a solid foundation for developing standardized experimental guidelines to investigate PEMF efficacy in wound healing, ulcer treatment, and type 2 diabetes. 

It does support the exceptional alleviation of symptoms that PEMF machines have been offering for decades now. Clearly, PEMF’s effect on the wound repair process is highly dynamic, influencing various concurrent pathways and having different effects depending on the stage and form of the wound. The detailed experimentation is done with some or other limitations, but all in all, it supports the dynamic effect depending upon the category of wound.



If you read the testimonials shared by our consumers, you will find how beneficial the products have been to them. 

A PHD Scholar, J. Ellison from Greater Los Angeles shares,

“Yelena Pukhovitskaya is not only an expert in earth energy medicine with a global clientele, but she also gives the most immediate and accessible customer service I’ve seen in years, offering 48 to 72 hour live consultation and advice as needed.”

You can see how Almagia works relentlessly to provide the best PEMF machine performance, as stated above. The PEMF machine price above is actually less if you see the amount of drugs you buy and the surgeries you had or were going to sign up for! 

Are you excited to check out this known but not-so-known technology? Call us and buy! We offer assistance every step of the way!

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