DIABETIC NEUROPATHYDiabetic Neuropathy is complication of diabetes mellitus, with damage of peripheral nervous system.

Patients with diabetic neuropathy exhibit a variety of diverse symptoms, which may occur separately or together:

-the sensation of cold in the feet;

-the loss of sensitivity and numbness, which is especially noticeable, if the skin on the shins and thighs is rubbed by palm or by sponge (while taking a bath);

– burning, discomfort, which arises from touching clothes or bed linen (manifested most frequently at night);

– the sudden severe numbness of feet;

– muscle atrophy;

– poor healing of scratches, wounds – month or two instead of one-two weeks, moreover the no vanishing dark tracks remain after healing;

– severe pains in the lower leg – during rest, at night.

ALMAG is used as a part of complex therapy, primarily directed at the core of the disease. The influence of a magnetic field improves the conductivity of nervous impulses in nerve fibers, which contributes to restore the functions of the affected peripheral nerve endings. Because of the reduction of the pain threshold, the pain syndrome, frequently agonizing for the patient also subsides. Microcirculation also improves in areas affected by ALMAG’s coil inductors, which normalizes metabolic processes in the peripheral nerve endings and around them. All this, in combination with the drug therapy inhibits the progression of the disease, by which improves the quality of life of the patient.


The desirable position of the patient while conducting the procedure is lying on his stomach or sitting up. Inductors are places on two fields:

Procedures carried out one time in a 24 hour period, and are recommended to be performed at night. Exposure time for each zone – 15 minutes. Total time of exposure – 30 minutes. Because Neuropathy usually occurs on both lower extremities, procedures by ALMAG are carried out alternately, 1 time a day. The course of treatment is 20 days and should be repeated after 2 months. Supplemental magneto-therapy courses should be performed 3-4 times a year.

Attention! It’s an absolute must to consult an endocrinologist during treatment and control the level of blood glucose and lipids.

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