How can tension-type headaches influence your life?

When your forehead is squeezed from the inside, you want this feeling to vanish into thin air as soon as possible. There are a plethora of non-medical therapies that can help with that. Tension headaches often call for putting on a cold pack or massage if you want to steer clear of pills.

It’s of paramount importance to outline another type of excruciating pain in the head, which is a migraine. If you feel dizzy, and your one-sided pang lingers, this is it. The trickiest thing here is that it’s not recommended to treat both of these pain types with tension headache medications or the same alternative treatments. Migraines are better relieved with aspirin and hot packs.

Have you ever thought of the consequences if you keep on suffering? They go further than ordinary mood swings, diarrhea, or the weakened immune system. Look at the signs of a tension headache to prevent after-effects immediately:

  • dull pain
  • band-like sensations
  • trouble sleeping
  • irritability
  • muscle spasms

One of the worst-case scenarios is chronic insomnia, which usually results in severe sleep deficiency. Once you notice some of the above-mentioned, seek an effective treatment to break free from intolerable pain.

Tension headache causes: Root them out to get on the track of healthy well-being

They say that any pain can be endured, so there’s no need to attack your body with packs of analgesics. Well, that’s only partially true. When it comes to strained impulses in your head, you can hardly stand them. Let’s cut to the chase and explore common tension headache symptoms and treatment options.​​​

Nowadays, people are prone to sudden stress bursts wherever they are: in a driver’s seat, at work, or at home. Even a heated discussion may trigger pain. Take a quick look at the range of other factors that may incite your throbbing agony:

  • alcohol abuse
  • constant eye strain
  • excessive smoking
  • poor posture
  • irregular meals

That’s right. Your eating plan plays one of the central roles in your emotional and mental health. How many times have you felt embarrassed about gurgling and endured an unbearable headache thereafter? Probably, a dozen. To protect your stomach from rumbling and set your mind at ease, try some alternative tension headache treatments. Think carefully whether you want to see crushing sensations leading the way of your life and consider a beneficial recovery program.

Tension headache prevention is better than cure

Lots of people may find it easier to cram themselves with painkillers and leave essential lifestyle changes out. If you struggle with the anguish caused by your headache on and on, some positive habits won’t go amiss. You can benefit from:

  • Practicing meditation. Let all your troubles and devastating thoughts fly away, put your favorite music on, and keep silent for a moment.
  • Doing yoga. Special stretching exercises relax your cervical nerves, thereby enhancing blood flow to your head.
  • Getting enough sleep. When you have an 8-hour rest at night, the likelihood of having your head pounding is minimized.
  • Improving your posture. A proper stance prevents muscles from tensing. Try to straighten your shoulders and tighten your belly to achieve startling results.
  • Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol. Strong drinks contain harmful compounds that may damage your nervous system, increase your heart rate, and affect cortisol levels.

PEMF as the best way to stop tension headaches

So, you’ve tried a myriad of conventional treatment options, but you didn’t bounce back. Keep your chin up and give PEMF therapy a shot. The procedure with pulsed electromagnetic fields is renowned as a non-invasive method of reducing the occurrence rate of pain in your head. Your nerve cells are stimulated by low-speed waves, while your vessels are dilated so that blood circulation is better. This can be your long-awaited tension headache cure.

No matter if it’s sinus, cluster, migraine, or any other headache type, ALMAGIA International® is here to help you alleviate it. Check out our Almag-2 and Almag-03 (DIAMAG) devices and use them from the comfort of your home at any time. Plus, you can back them with your common medical aids for improved results.

Fend off your frequent tension headaches with a win-win solution from ALMAGIA International®. Enjoy your good health with us!

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