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How many times have you found yourself going through your stuff to get a painkiller for your headache? It goes without saying that if your head is on the verge of explosion, the last thing you want to do is let this slide. But do you know that painkillers may worsen constant headaches, especially if you’re taking too many of them on a daily basis? Do not be under the illusion that a little pill or two cannot cause any damage to your body. Intensified pain, nausea, diarrhea, and weak immune system are only a few of the complications that go hand in hand with painkiller abuse.

Something of a paradox, right? You suffer from a throbbing migraine, but it turns out that you should not treat it the way you’ve done that for years. The healthcare industry is constantly developing, and so are commonly accepted methods of bringing headache relief. Potentially dangerous medications are now getting superseded by alternative treatments which are well proven to ward off the pain in the head.

How to make a headache go away fast without medicines?

All in all, there are dozens of headache types, with each of them requiring different treatment. The most common of those types are:

  • Tension headaches. According to the statistics, every other adult experiences a tension headache occasionally. This type is characterized by a range of sensations that feel like something is squeezing your head from both sides.
  • Migraines. If you are racked with one-sided crippling pain in your head, feel light-headed, and suffer from sensory disturbances (known as auras), then you are affected by a migraine. It often goes with seeing flickering spots or having trouble speaking.
  • Cluster headaches. Burning pain around an eye is one of the telltale signs of clusters. Although they usually last minutes, they may lead to serious complications and, thus, require you to seek medical attention to get headache relief immediately.
  • Thunderclap headaches. There’s hardly anything more frightening than being suddenly struck by a thunderclap headache. It is the most intense type of pain, and its symptoms are close to unbearable.

A woman is lying on a couch with a cooling pad on her forehead

Most of the headaches are caused by treatable problems, meaning that you should root them out rather than take a painkiller to ease symptoms. Depending on the type of pain you are experiencing, you may benefit from different natural headache cures. Here are the 5 best of them:

  1. Apply a cooling pad
  2. A cold compress is one of the most effective home remedies for headaches of the tension type. It can soothe pain and reduce inflammation in the affected area within minutes.

  3. Fight dehydration
  4. If you neglect being adequately hydrated, you are twice as likely to end up with a chronic migraine. Make it a routine to drink a glass of water every 2 hours and add water-rich fruits to your diet.

  5. Say ‘No’ to alcohol
  6. In addition to dehydrating the body, alcohol widens blood vessels, which may increase the frequency of clusters. Try to stay off booze so that your headache symptoms go away.

  7. Start drinking coffee
  8. A cup of coffee a day keeps the headache away! The thing is that caffeine not only boosts your mental focus but also produces vasoconstrictive effects that help with the pain in the head. However, be careful with this remedy because it may act as a headache trigger, too.

  9. Have acupuncture
  10. Many patients report headache relief after receiving acupuncture treatments. This practice is gaining ground all over the world as an instant cure for throbbing migraines.

PEMF therapy is the most worthwhile option

If you’ve already exhausted all the possibilities, and none of those has worked for you, try PEMF therapy. The use of adjusted electromagnetic stimulation boasts abundant evidence as a drug-free, at-home headache treatment. It is the only remedy out there that promotes the alleviation of pain-related symptoms as quickly as it can be.

Whether it’s a migraine, cluster, or any other headache type that makes you feel as if your head is on fire, our ALMAG-03 PEMF device can help. It relies on the techniques of transcranial magnetic stimulation and requires no specific skills to operate. Apart from headaches, this device can be used for brain ischemia, osteochondrosis, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, etc.

To get the complete list of ALMAG-03 indications and order the device for personal use, please contact us.

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