Coronavirus threat: How to boost the immune system with PEMF?

These days, everyone keeps talking about the coronavirus in the USA, Europe, or elsewhere as it has already become a matter of global concern. Hundreds of thousands of people have fallen victim to COVID-19 so far, while the healthcare systems of many countries have been proven anything but reliable.

To fight its spread, we are told to trap ourselves in self-isolation. But what’s more important is that how your body is prepared to resist the attack of the virus should it somehow find its way into it. People with weakened or low immune systems are more at risk of being affected by COVID-19, which is why you should make sure your one is in excellent condition.

Your body can adapt to almost any environment, but now it needs your help like never before. Ask yourself “What is a coronavirus?”, and you’ll get a clear idea of what steps you should take as you find out the answer.

Although this virus is new, it belongs to a wide group of already known ones. They all affect the lungs and replicate at a blistering pace. And if your immune system is rickety, you may develop severe coronavirus symptoms, resulting in acute inflammation and viral pneumonia. It’s the most dangerous outcome of COVID-19.

What is pneumonia?

If you’re diagnosed with viral pneumonia, this means that the virus has caused an acute infection in one or both of your lungs. It affects the air passages, and as a result, you end up with plenty of inflammatory fluid and cells in your air sacs. They prevent your lungs from taking in enough oxygen to supply the body.

Viral pneumonia symptoms depend on your age and other factors, but they mostly come down to:

  • chest pain and difficulty breathing
  • high fever
  • coughing that expels mucus
  • nausea and diarrhea
  • rigors

When your body produces an adequate immune response to shatter the invading virus, the signs of pneumonia will be less severe and go away faster. However, if it fails to do so, your symptoms may aggravate to the point where you need to be hospitalized.

PEMF it up to be protected from coronavirus symptoms

PEMF therapy is a jim-dandy option to ramp up your immunity. By operating at the cellular level, it provides a boost for neutrophils and the whole body to fight foreign invaders so that they do not pass. Electromagnetic fields also combat damaged cells, producing a beneficial recovery effect at the onset of respiratory diseases.

Take Almag-02 as an example. Its low-intensity functioning and 79 operation modes eliminate weaknesses in the immune system and improve your overall health. Plus, its program 21 can be used to enhance the effectiveness of chronic bronchitis and viral/bacterial pneumonia treatment, which is often associated with COVID-19. PEMF therapy with this device is made up of only 15 daily sessions with the primary 100 Hz emitter.

Some other PEMF devices can also treat chronic diseases that may be aggravated during the pandemic. This way, Almag-01 can be used to stop acute-phase lung tissue inflammation by producing fields through its 4 emitters placed on a patient’s back or chest. The intensity of these fields is accurately adjusted to the human body to stimulate natural repair mechanisms in the respiratory system.

Meanwhile, Magofon may form the backbone of effective sinusitis and bronchitis treatment. Inflammation in the nasal cavity often comes with COVID-19 that, as far as we all know, wreaks havoc on the upper respiratory tract down to the lungs. Thanks to its compact design, Magofon can be easily applied to smaller areas, working on the paranasal sinuses affected by the virus. It also relies on vibroacoustic oscillations that are good for dry coughing. These contribute to the production of mucus in a wet cough, cleansing your airways.

Bear in mind: your immune system is your best weapon against the coronavirus and related respiratory conditions. Keep it strong with PEMF – and it’ll take care of you!

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