Important Things to Know About the Human Magnet Syndrome

According to studies, it has been found that the human magnet syndrome is caused by the earth’s diminished magnetic field. People suffering from this syndrome face some prevalent health issues like aches and pains, frequent headaches, sleeplessness, exhaustion, and dizziness.

This blog will discuss some essential things related to the human magnet syndrome. 

The human magnet syndrome

The earth’s magnetic field is not only necessary for our survival but also crucial for achieving and maintaining optimal health. Carl Friedrich Gauss first assessed the strength of the earth’s magnetic field in 1835. Since that time, many researchers have examined the earth’s magnetic field and found that it has gotten ten times weaker over the past 4,000 years.

Due to our modern style of life and standard of living and the absence of magnetic fields, we face the human magnet syndrome. Over time, our bond with the land has grown weaker as we spend a large portion of our days in vehicles and buildings with metal frames, which limits our exposure to the earth’s magnetic field.

After all, you may be afflicted with the human magnet syndrome if you have health problems, but your doctor cannot determine the cause. Modern medical science does not test for it. These could be some signs of the issue:

  • Fatigue /Insomnia
  • chronic headaches
  • Dizziness
  • widespread aches and pains

Why are magnets important for our health?

Your central nervous system, also known as a direct current circuit, naturally creates magnetic fields when nerve impulses travel from neurons (the electromagnetic positive) to their axons (the electromagnetic negative) and then to the rest of the body.

Although a healthy human body continuously produces internal magnetic fields, around 20–30% of the body’s power comes from outside, necessitating an external source of magnetic energy.

When the body is under stress or damaged, magnets are essential. Still, they cannot speed up self-healing by producing and providing enough negative magnetic energy to the injury site. Applying a negative magnetic field created by a suitable magnet can help the body utilize its healing processes and accelerate them.

How do magnets impact the human body?

Natural magnetic and electric fields already exist within your body. All your body’s molecules contain a tiny bit of magnetic energy. The idea behind magnetic field therapy is that specific issues arise due to an imbalance in your magnetic fields. It is thought that everything will return to normal if a magnetic field is placed close to your body.

Ions like calcium and potassium help your cells send signals. Moreover, the magnets have been observed by scientists to alter how these ions behave in testing. However, there currently needs to be proof that magnets have the same impact on cells within your body.

Even if you wear a magnet on your body, it may change your physiological parameters, but that does not mean anything. The human body is much more complicated than that. You can detect changes in your body even while standing close to an electrical transmitter.

Your physiological system will experience measurable alterations even if you are standing next to a tree. You must know that you can easily improve your life without considering any secondary magnets as the planet we live on is itself a magnet. The magnetism of this planet is sufficient. And a portion of this magnet is your own body.


Every cell in our body is powered by electricity. So, a disturbance of the magnetic balance causes cell dysfunction, leading to human magnet syndrome. At Almagia International, we provide PEMF devices that help you treat various diseases with the help of a magnetic field. To learn more, visit our official website.

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