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It’s all about energyA few words about author.

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Nothing works without energy. Stop the energy then everything stops. We certainly understand that idea when we’re talking about the electrical grid going down or the power lines going down in our neighborhood. The body is no different. Every process in the body is energy dependent, down to the microscopic level. When energy begins to fail, we begin to fail.

So, how do we do not allow our body’s energy, even down to the cellular level, to fail?

The answer is physics. More precisely, biophysics. Yes, lifestyle is important, often even critical. That means we need to have “adequate” nutrition, reasonable exercise, keep our stress levels down, have a good mental attitude, be spiritually connected, feel like we can be creative and shore up our deficiencies. Assuming, most other factors are in fact in balance, we are often still lacking energy. I don’t mean from lacking caffeine – or cocaine – or other stimulants. I mean the ability of the basic cellular structure of the body to have enough charge, that is, energy to carry on its normal functions and to carry on its functions in the presence of more than usual body stress, like trauma.

We all experience cellular energy deficiencies on a regular basis. Most of the time, we are not even aware of it. It is happening at the cell level. Since we all have about 70 trillion cells, a deficiency will not be noticeable until millions or even billions of cells are deficient. We only become aware of it when it disrupts functions to the point where we notice. What will we notice? Pain, discomfort, unbalanced bowel function, poor sleep, physical discomforts of many kinds, poor mood, irritability, etc. We notice these once the level of dysfunction at the cellular level gets sufficiently intense or magnified to catch our attention.

Okay, so what do we do about this? Obviously you have to take care of the lifestyle factors that are out of balance. Often we need even more help to restore cellular energy. For this, we need to address the ability of the body to produce energy from whatever resources it naturally already has internally, by using additional cellular stimulation. Even sunlight has stimulating effects on cells – up the point of sunburn. But usually this will require other more safe and controllable external stimulation.

Here we are talking about new technologies, let’s say 21st century technologies, that do just that. They increase the natural energies of the body. What are they? They are electromagnetic fields. The magnetic fields of the planet have long ago been found to be lower than historical levels. Because of this we are all in a magnetic field deficiency state. This means that various body processes have less energy than they would normally have. Any motion on the surface of the planet creates energy in our body because of the body’s interaction with the magnetic fields of the planet. Research shows that human beings deprived of the natural magnetic fields of the planet begin to show breakdown and loss of function. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

We now have the capability of stimulating these natural processes of the body to raise them to a higher level of energy than is possible by just getting more of the background environment, i.e. the Earth’s magnetic field. For this purpose we now have many magnetic devices that stimulate various body functions to increase the natural energy of the cell. Some of these magnetic stimulation devices are what we call static magnetic fields, such as wrist bracelets, magnetic necklaces, magnetic mattress pads, and so on. However, these are not typical to nature and too weak to penetrate the entire body to do the job we need.

Most natural magnetic fields are dynamic. To get the benefits of dynamic magnetic fields, we need to use devices that produce similar kinds of magnetic fields. These energies can be produced by electric current applied to the body. An electric heating pad is an example. The problem here is not to get burnt by the electric current. To avoid this we shield the wires to produce just a magnetic field. It is this magnetic field that interacts with the body in incredibly powerful ways to produce energy. More energy, better function.

My goal as a family physician, who also does holistic medicine, is to get people as independent as possible and to maintain health at the highest level possible, on a day to day basis. For almost everybody, the major factor missing is the way to produce extra energy in the cells of the body without using drugs or the wrong foods. This is where pulsed electromagnetic fields come in. Low intensity and low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields [PEMFs], interact with all the cells of the body to increase charge, that is energy, in the cell. That means there is a potential for a body with an average of 70 trillion cells to have all cells become activated simultaneously on a regular basis with a simple external application of a safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive PEMF device.

As an expert, in the field of energy stimulation in the body, I have explored a very wide range of PEMF devices. I’m always looking for devices that are going to be the least expensive, the most usable and the most effective. Many of these devices are reviewed on my website, However, one of my favorite devices is the Almag-01. It is affordable by most people, is very simple to use, it is very stimulating to the body and helps a wide range of body functions and health conditions. In my practice, I still recommend a wide variety of other devices, based on the specific needs of the individual person, which is decided on after consultation. Most of my patients who need energy enhancement, will be recommended an Almag-01.

I use the Almag-01 myself daily and so does my family. I even tell patients that my dogs compete with my wife for time on the Almag. One of my Westies has Lyme disease and really likes using the Almag. I can tell you definitively that she is much less uncomfortable walking and running when she is using the Almag. I use it daily for my own tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis and relaxation. But, I know that when I am using it is also helping other cells and tissues in my body before I even know they need help. I wouldn’t use it every day if it didn’t work. I walk the talk!

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Dr William Pawluk

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