MAGOFON AND DEFORMING OSTEOARTHRITISDeforming osteoarthritis – degenerative joint disease nature, characterized by lesions of the articular cartilage and periarticular tissues. The basis of the disease is a violation of metabolic processes in the body, which affects the health of the joints. Articular cartilages in this case lose essential nutrients and eventually wear out. Similar changes occur in the joints with age, but at a slower pace and with less severity. Therefore, deforming osteoarthrosis described as premature aging of the articular cartilage. The disease is manifested by pain in joints, fractures, curvature of the extremities, usually the thighs, concomitant inflammation of the joints. Osteoarthritis occurs predominantly in women 40-60 years of age.

Risk factors for the disease include joint injuries, fractures, obesity, occupational hazards, hard physical labor. A characteristic feature of osteoarthritis is a gradual onset of the disease, long-term preservation of joint function, in spite of his severe deformation. The pain occurs mostly when the load on the affected joint and is usually not alone. The intensity of pain in the evening increases.

Patients with osteoarthritis deformans have short-lived morning stiffness. For long periods of immobility of the joint swelling occurs it. Many patients with passive movements feel the crunch in the affected joint.

The most commonly affected joints and knee joints of the hand. Next in frequency lesions are hips, ankle and shoulder joints.

People, who suffer from osteoarthritis deformans, avoid physical overload and traumatic joints, soft chairs. We recommend using the straight-backed chairs, hard bed. Individuals who are overweight should change the diet, life style to normalize weight. Important therapeutic exercise aimed at maintaining maximum joint mobility and maintaining muscle mass. Of exercise is especially recommended swimming, when the minimum load on the joints.

Important role in the treatment and prevention of disease use physiotherapy including magnetoacoustic therapy with MAGOFON.

Under the influence of the MAGOFON device in the joint opening additional capillaries, increasing lumen of the blood vessels, improving blood flow and, therefore, blood supply of the articular cartilage and surrounding tissues. Increased vascular and tissue permeability, which a direct consequence is the acceleration of the resorption of swelling in the affected joint. All of these effects reduce the pain, and with it, remove the inflammation. In the affected joint normalizes metabolism and thus inhibited further progression of the disease.

Procedures: MAGOFON impacts on the affected joint and surrounding tissue. This device sets still or makes slow circular motion with the acoustic transducer firmly pressed to the body. For example, when deforming osteoarthritis of the hip impact on the affected area of ​​the hip in front and side. Medical procedures are recommended once a day. Repeated treatments in 30-40 days after the first, and supporting course – 3-4 months after the second course.


If osteoarthritis affected several joints (e.g., hip and elbow), or two adjacent joints (hips, elbows, etc.) in a single procedure, device turns to one joint, then – on the other. Procedures are carried out once a day. For one course cannot treat more than two joints. This scheme is valid at first, repeated or maintenance. Treatment of other joints can be started 10 days after the end of the course.

Attention! In simultaneous treatment of two joints must be adhered to temporary dose! The total time of one session should not exceed 30 minutes.

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