MYOSITIS – MAGOFON AND TEPLONMyositis – the common name of the disease characterized as inflammation of skeletal muscles of different origins, different symptoms and the disease.
For myositis typical local pain in the affected area, the intensity of which increases with time. The pain is greatly enhanced when moving, causing the reduction of the affected muscles, as well as their palpation. Due to the fact that there is a protective muscle tension, over time, there is a limitation of movement in the joints. Because of the pain and limitation of motion gradually increasing muscle weakness, atrophy until the affected muscles.
Myositis is the result of an autoimmune process affecting the skeletal muscles.
Causes of myositis diverse. Quite often provoke disease infection (influenza, tonsillitis, rheumatic fever, etc.). Also, the disease can occur after trauma, excessive cooling or muscle tension, strong muscle cramps while swimming at work (long stay) in an uncomfortable or improper posture.
In ethology – myositis may occur for reasons related to common mental stress man. Stress creates protective reactions, including muscle tension. Growing much pain.
The main clinical symptom of myositis is a local muscle pain. Its intensity increases with pressure on the muscle or on the road, causing the protective power of the affected muscles and leads to a limitation of joint mobility. In some cases, over the lesion observed infiltration and flushing of the skin. Pain in the affected muscles in myositis increases not only when driving but also in the rest, at night, with a change of weather.
In further developing the disease increases muscle weakness. The patient has difficulty in carrying out normal household activities. Reduced ability to self-care. As a result, developing a partial or complete atrophy of skeletal muscle.

Treatment by our devices.

MAGOFON -01. Conduct impact on the affected muscle or muscle group, setting the device still or slow flowing movements arbitrary. Method of treatment, refer to the manual.

TEPLON (ULCHT-02) thermocouples are applied to the area of the inflamed muscle. Exposure time of 20-40 minutes. Procedures are carried out 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures.

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