Case Report: Individualized Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) In A Long Covid Patient Using The Adaptive Force As Biomarker

Long COVID poses challenges due to persistent symptoms post-COVID-19 infection. Standard treatments often fall short; however, exploration of new approaches is still going. A recent case study investigates individualized pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy as a potential solution.

A 24-year-old woman suffered from severe long COVID symptoms for 8 months despite conventional treatments like exercise and supplements. Her symptoms included fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog.

After ruling out other causes, an Adaptive Force (AF) measurement tool revealed neuromuscular dysfunction. Individualized PEMF therapy targeted the stellate ganglion (C7/T1) of the autonomic nervous system using a frequency of 550 Hz. This is adjusted & based on real-time AF responses, and lasts 15 minutes.

The patient showed immediate and sustained improvement in symptoms; furthermore, increased AF values indicated better neuromuscular function.

PEMF therapy also helped mitigate a temporary relapse triggered by lymphatic drainage. This suggests that PEMF therapy may “reboot” the dysfunctional autonomic nervous system, offering promise for long-term COVID-19 management. The AF measurement tool proves valuable for diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

However, the study’s single-case nature limits generalizability, calling for larger studies. Long-term effectiveness and optimal protocols require further investigation. Meanwhile, understanding PEMF therapy’s mechanisms in Long COVID is crucial for refining treatment strategies.

Individualized PEMF therapy shows promise as a non-invasive long COVID treatment. Using innovative diagnostic tools and tailored treatments, healthcare providers can offer personalized care; nevertheless, more research is needed for validation and refinement.

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