This is the kind of testimonial I would be glad to share with the world. Over 9-years ago, while researching the plethora of PEMF devices as an alternative healing and pain relief solution, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the website. After much due diligence, I was pleased to spend time on the phone with the USA distributor in New York and learn first hand of the wonderful results achieved by users of the Almag01 as well as Magofon. I bought both and have enjoyed amazing results ever since. The Almag01 has provided relief from a painful knee injury for me as well as overall better health. The Magofon has provided instant pain relief for arthritic pain in my wife’s hands and both devices have eliminated a small melanoma on her arm. Most amazing, was the healing of a growing cancerous tumor on my giant Schnauzer. It was closely monitored my our veterinarian who still can’t believe surgery wasn’t necessary to remove it. I could go on and on, but as I get older, I have happily purchased another Amag01 (was tired of sharing with my wife and dogs) as well as the Almag03. For any medical conditions that someone may have, I totally recommend you research and purchase Almag01 and Magofon as well as any other specific devices from Almagia that will meet your specific personal or professional needs. It will be the most satisfying and best investment in your health and well-being anyone could ever make. Live pain free!

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