I have had MS since 1997, a debilitating disease that is considered by medicine as an auto-immune condition, attacking the mylen sheath surrounding the nerves, causing many debilitating symptoms, including numbness, pain, fatigue, loss of bladder function, eye-sight and much more. Over the years, the auto-immune theory never convinced me of its validity, given their is still no concrete answer for the cause of MS, nor is there a definitive treatment. Conventional drug therapies claim to have benefits, although they still do not offer a cure. Additionally, they come with serious side effects and can not promise that the course of the disease has been altered, even though the literature said so. While many drugs offer hope for some diseases, I have looked with caution upon companies that reap huge financial profits and have enormous marketing campaigns. Now, thankfully, patients are demanding better ideas and atlas, the auto-immune theory is being turned on its head by a new and promising idea, CCSVI (Chronic Cerebral Venous Insufficiency) a vascular condition, resulting in improper blood flow. Nevertheless, in my early years with MS, I tried the drug therapies, hoping the benefits outweighed the risks, although I found the side effects very debilitating and I could not conclude that these drugs were stopping the course of my progression. So over the years, I decided to stop drug therapy and maintain an extremely open mind to all possibilities for healing. As part of my relentless searching for help, I was introduced to Almagia magnets, Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Fields, an idea I had not come across before . After doing a little research online, I was interested in finding out more. I called Lena Pukhovitskaya to inquire about them and how they should be applied. She offered showed me how to use them. I have been using the magnets at home for symptom relief. They do increase my circulation, which allows me to do some of my daily activities with improved ease. While the magnets are not a cure all, they offer a benefit of improved mobility and lessen the pain and numbness, at least for me. I have found that the magnets offer a natural, painless method of healing energy.

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