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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Devices

MAVIT ULP-01 Prostate Massage Device

MAVIT (ULP-01) for Prostate – prostate massage device in USA


ALMAG-03 (DIAMAG) a Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Device.

The therapeutic effect of the ALMAG 03 due to the use of a pulsed magnetic field. The effectiveness of techniques are proven by clinical studies.


Studies show that PEMF is the most effective way of treating back pain, bone and tissue repair with ALMAG 01-02


The device in a matter of minutes to cope with almost any pain, quickly eliminating its cause, removing any swelling, cramps, problems. MAGOFON


In terms of reduction and elimination of pain, restoration of joints , elimination of inflammatory processes perfectly proven MAGOFON devices .

ALMAGIA International® is an Exclusive Factory Representative in the USA:

Are you suffering from back, neck or joint pain? Are you fed up with constant aches and obliterating pain? Are you sick of constantly popping pills that merely alleviate the symptoms rather than addressing the problem?
You are not alone and there is a solution.
ALMAGIA International® PEMF devices provide holistic care to directly alleviate back, neck, joint and other common pains.
ALMAGIA International® PEMF - this is pulsed electromagnetic field therapy equipment  for your home.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices

For many years the "ELAMED" company (Russia) has been carrying out a range of research works on creation of the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices. The principle of the device is based on biofeedback and it is widely used at home. Almag, Fairy, Magofon and other devices significantly improve the quality of life, ameliorate the functioning of locomotor system and reduce pain. The Almag device refers to high-tech developments with the use of nanotechnological achievements. Data processing is carried out with the help of modern microprocessors. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is very effective, but the body gets used to the effects of this field. The Almag device doesn’t let the body get used to the effects of the electromagnetic field, which distinguishes it advantageously from similar equipment. The device runs on the operating frequency of 7.83 Hz - it is the very range of terrestrial electromagnetic field. After having used the device, more than half of patients reported a reduction of pain in back and joints. The use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy equipment significantly enhance vital activity of the body. The effect of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy with the Almag device is really higher than a therapy with other equipment. The impact of the device increases the intercellular and endocellular metabolism and decreases discomfort. Blood viscosity is significantly reduced, which opens up an additional access to the capillaries. The device can be used in treatment and prevention of a huge number of diseases at home: removal of the inflammation symptoms, disappearance of pain, restitution of working capacity.


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In recent months, we have been receiving a lot of complaints that the ELAMED devices brought from Russia, do not work with any converters. In Russia they worked, but in USA stopped working. The majority of the complaints concern the top-selling item of our devices – ALMAG – 01.

Dear friends! In in reality we do not warranty product that were purchased other than 110V, because we are only responsible for PEMF devices sold by our Company which, we will gladly service if it is still has warranty (1 year warranty against factory defect). But out of humanity, let us explain.

Devices for 110 volts now produce on the microprocessors and cannot run if not maintained frequency, 50 Hz. Converter changes the voltage but frequency stays 60 Hz and that’s the problem.

If the frequency is different from 50 Hz, a voltage is applied to the cup, so the light is on. But do not form a clear impetus as it should and is a chaotic signal, where it is weak, but somewhere a strong common diagnosis device – it is not fulfilling its therapeutic functions.

Therefore, on the cups and the LEDs – power is not enough to ignite them.

Devices that come to us, are made specifically for the U.S., have the North American voltage and frequency, they never go out of order and work for many years. These are the real American devices!


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