Making male health a priority – PEMF for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis

This is a reason why 2 million men see doctors in the U.S. annually. It’s the biggest matter of complaint among every fourth male making an appointment with his urologist. And it affects men of all ages, mostly those in their 20s-30s. Do you think this refers to erectile dysfunction? Not really. Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis are conditions that stand behind these mind-boggling statistics. For many, they are difficult to talk about, yet everyone should be better aware. BPH and prostatitis symptoms are often progressive, and you don’t want to experience the worst of them.

First things first: BPH and prostatitis are not different ways to define the same problem. Despite the similarity of the vexing symptoms, they are not alike. Hyperplasia is an enlargement of the prostate gland, whereas prostatitis is more of inflammation. Both of the conditions, however, make you have trouble urinating and experience discomfort when peeing because of the squeezing effect on your urethra. When it comes to inflammation, it also comes with chills.

You can have acute or chronic prostatitis symptoms. Both types can be caused by a urinary tract infection or bacteria, with some major differences in the severity and frequency of the problems. Patients with acute prostatitis start experiencing burning sensations when urinating straight away, while those with chronic one rather have symptoms for a longer time.

Which prostate therapy option to go for?

As the prostate gland performs many pivotal functions in the male reproductive system, such as secreting fluid to make up semen, there’s no room for frivolity when drawing up a treatment plan. If it’s developed carelessly, your minor inflammation can become a major one. This may result in ED, infertility, and bacterial blood infections looming on the horizon.

Normally, doctors recommend treating prostatitis with medications. If you have a bacterial infection, the following types of pills may be prescribed:

  • antibiotics to fight bacteria that cause your symptoms
  • NSAIDs to relieve your pain when urinating
  • alpha-blockers to relax the muscles around your bladder and help empty it

Not all urologists show solidarity with each other, especially if BPH or prostatitis is a non-bacterial type. That is why some of them put forth alternative treatment methods and home remedies (sitz baths, heating pads, etc.). In fact, they do work for many patients.

Prostate massage and acupuncture are among the most common meds-free prostate therapy options. They are intended to relieve not only physical but physiological symptoms, which is something pills fail to do. These aside, you can also try herbal preparations, like ryegrass and saw palmetto extracts, to deal with the problem naturally.

Can you resort to PEMF for prostate conditions?

If your diagnosis says “bacterial prostatitis”, PEMF stimulation cannot be regarded as a way to replace antibiotics. But you can benefit from it as combination therapy to increase the effectiveness of drugs and foster a therapeutic effect. PEMF prostate treatment is research-backed to reduce inflammation in the gland, improve blood circulation, and nip potential complications in the bud.

Treating BPH and prostatitis with ultrasound waves and electromagnetic fields is innovative. And this kind of therapy is here to stay owing to the effects it brings in. To clear up the matter, such a cutting-edge device as MAVIT can soothe the symptoms of the UTI and improve your prostate health right after a few treatments. By using the blend of pulsed magnetic fields, heat, and mild vibration, it:

  • improves tissue microcirculation in the prostate gland
  • maximizes the effectiveness of antibiotics if taken
  • ensures smooth muscle contractility
  • strengthens the patient’s immune system

This way, when using PEMF for an enlarged prostate, you can get rid of frequent and painful urination, as well as stream abnormalities. By improving microcirculation and encouraging your immune system to fight inflammation back, MAVIT provides faster relief than other therapy options. Besides that, it’s a great solution to ensure a happy sex life in patients with erectile problems.

The bottom line is that being stimulated with PEMFs for prostate problems is promising for long-term relief. When combined with antibiotics for inflammation-related conditions, this non-invasive therapy offers the best results. That is why it may be a treatment of choice for your prostate health and potency!

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