I’ve owned my Almag-01 PEMF device machine for over a year and can’t imagine life without it now. Originally I got it to heal a broken wrist which it worked wonders on. When I was in the cast I was in so much pain, and the sweeping magnetic pulses were very comforting. When I went back for x-rays the Doctor was surprised at how well the bones were knitting. Since then I have used it for the whole family–including the dogs who love it and try to crowd into the field when it’s on–for everything from bumps and scrapes to boosting immune system to healing more quickly from flu and bronchitis. We also use it to charge up and restructure our drinking water which has a lovely sweetness and smooth taste and really feels like it’s hydrating the body.

I’ve had wonderful experiences working with you, Yelena, you are always there at the other end of the phone with excellent suggestions and advice and you are truly knowledgeable.

I hope to be able to afford another machine this year, I really believe in this technology, it is genius. I tell everyone I know.

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