Thank you very much Elamed for such an amazing machine Mavit. I was suffering from the prostate problem since 2014 and the drugs doctors prescribed had serious side effects. In Nov 2020 doctor told me to go for surgery as my uroflowmetry flow was minimal., and surgery to has side effects like retrograde ejaculation and other issues which is a disaster. I could not get the machine in covid period, but in August 20 I got the machine. After I used it for a few days my flow improved significantly. It is now as good as normal. I am very happy that I need not go for surgery, and urologist is too is surprised  and he said at present no need for surgery. This is one-time expense, and there is no recurring expenditure. I am thrilled and happy and suggest my friends and relatives who suffer from prostate issues. I once again thank you so much.

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