Alright, where to begin!
Me and my brother bought ALMAG-2 VER2 for our nerve condition. It is a fact that this stabilizes body function, blood circulation and energy. This device is also great to counteract the effect that stress and harmful EMFs has on the body. Anyway, this device is helping my family and family friends in remarkable way.

My mother has Microscopic Colitis which is basically inflamed colon, this device is greatly reducing her condition, she has now used the device for 3-4 weeks and all pains after meals and bloating is greatly reduced…also, her hip pain in the morning when she stands up from bed is gone…so the anti-inflammatory ALMAGIA programs are working.

Friend of the family is recovery from stroke. She claims her sensation is better, she has greater energy and better blood flow circulation. Her friends are mentioning to her that they notice this energetic glow around her.

My father is using this device for his Prost aid and bladder and is seeing result, less wake-up-to-pee moments during the night.

In my opinion PEMF device is something that should belong to every household as a preventive measures for illnesses and as a healing device!

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