Good News today! The perforation into my sinuses is now closed = bone is closed…. follow up cat scan reveals swelling and inflammation markedly improved and sinus passageways are now open so infection now has a passageway to drain/leave my body! Doctor was flabbergasted, stating “This was not what I was expecting to see… this healing is miraculous!”. I went from a “total white out” to open passageways…. apparently this does not happen so I contribute my supersonic progress to Lina’s Magofon from Almagia Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy I have been on numerous antibiotics for FIVE MONTHS…. nothing was helping…. the perforation was allowing bacteria into my sinuses and the infection was systemic (spreading into my bloodstream). Nothing was helping… NOTHING. We were bracing for surgery. A week of the Magofon and I am a “walking miracle”…. nope, just finally found the right course of treatment. Thank you Lina for giving me my life back. I still have a long road to recovery but at least I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel!

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