Is there anything more overwhelming than receiving a cancer diagnosis? The answer is a resounding ‘No’. It’s not uncommon to see a person at a total loss for words or emotions when it turns out some malignant tumor is killing him or her from the inside. And you can’t judge this person even if he or she gives up hope to bounce back. But if a patient chooses to fight for life, it’s crucial to start with the right cancer pain treatment.

Whether they are dull, burning, or achy, all sensations that make a person with cancer feel uncomfortable should and can be successfully managed. How? That depends on a plethora of factors which you can get a closer look at below.

How to ease cancer patients’ pain?

There are many signs to look for before choosing the right treatment. The effectiveness of this or that option hinges on the kind of sensations, their severity, location, etc. As of now, the following pain types are reported to occur more often than others in cancer patients:

  1. Bone pain. It is associated with extreme tenderness and dull sensations that do not go away, regardless of whether you stand, sit, or walk. For the most part, it is caused by a tumor pressing on bones.
  2. Nerve pain. It is one of the most common cancer pain types as neuropathy is often a side effect of chemotherapy. The signs of treatment-induced nerve damage include numbness, tingling, and burning in limbs.
  3. Soft tissue pain. Aside from bones, tumors can wreak havoc on muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons, causing tissue damage. It is hard to identify as it comes hand in hand with other cancer pain types.
  4. Phantom pain. Unfortunately, cancer treatment may call for desperate measures, like an amputation. Even after the removal of the body part with a tumor, however, there’s a chance that a patient will feel pain in it.

The best way to relieve cancer pain symptoms is to eliminate their source by dint of surgical intervention or chemotherapy. In case none of these is possible, medications come into play. Traditionally, patients are prescribed:

  • pain relievers (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) which can be helpful for mild sensations;
  • codeine that proves to be the perfect way to go if you suffer from moderate discomfort;
  • morphine and other potent opioids used to alleviate severe or close to unbearable pain.

PEMF therapy and cancer pain

These days, PEMF therapy is gaining a foothold as a modality of cancer pain treatment. It is reported to improve patients’ quality of life while maximizing the relieving effects of medications and chemotherapy. The thing is that personally adjusted low-intensity pulses may help to arrest the proliferation of cancer cells and prevent tumor growth. Some studies also show that PEMF therapy can increase patients’ chances of beating the deadly condition by evoking a strong anticancer response.

Other reasons why it’s a wise decision to resort to PEMF treatment for cancer pain are:

  • Proven add-on. PEMF therapy is NOT meant to be used instead of chemotherapy or any other traditional cancer treatment modality. It only aims to complement the effectiveness of the common ways doctors tend to rely on.
  • Damage repair. Despite being successful in destroying malignant cells, chemotherapy affects healthy ones, too. But its debilitating side effects can be managed. When used regularly, low-frequency pulses prevent unwanted cell damages.
  • Safety. One of the key advantages of PEMF therapy for cancer pain is that it doesn’t interfere with other treatment methods, and it has no side effects. Unlike potent medications, it has no risk of physical dependence and tolerance development.
  • Non-invasive solution. If you experience cancer pain symptoms, and you have a needle phobia, PEMF therapy will be your best way out. It doesn’t require any invasive procedures to be provided, not to mention that it is suitable for home use.

To wrap it up, you should never consider PEMF as a cancer cure. But if you’re a real fighter who wants to increase the odds, be sure to give our Almag-01 device a go. It is mostly used to kick-start the healing process in the body, which is extremely important to those who are receiving chemotherapy.

A more advanced device, known as Almag+ from ALMAGIA International®, can also help you stand up to cancer in a pain-free way. Remember, being diagnosed with this condition is no longer a battle you can’t win!

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