PEMF Therapy for Animals: Dogs, Cats, Horses, Guinea Pigs

Traditionally, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is known as a major cure for people that are dealing with chronic pain, bone issues, respiratory diseases, and other conditions. However, PEMF applications extend beyond just those for human beings. In our days, this game-changing treatment solution began to gain momentum in veterinary medicine as well. And while PEMF for animals does not replace the traditional treatments, it still can speed up the healing process, enhancing the immune system of your pet. 

How animals can benefit from PEMF in veterinary clinics and rehabilitation centers?

Whether it’s for humans or pets, PEMF therapy comes down to activating the magnetic field with cellular touch-ups. In other words, it’s supposed to be used in veterinary medicine for a similar range of clinical indications that it already helps people with. These are the following: 

  • pain management
  • bone fracture recovery
  • inflammation reduction
  • arthritis treatment
  • wound, bone and tissue healing

Almag+ is highly effective in treating the above-mentioned health conditions. This portable device is designed to fit the wide range of animals from guinea pig and lab rats to the racing horses. Recently, medical universities started to use Almag+ for clinical studies in treating animal cancer. The obtained results amazed the scientific community, showing the effectiveness of PEMF treatment for animals. 

But don’t just take our word for it – check out some facts. Let us jump to the latest case studies that prove the effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in veterinary.

Case study #1

Almag-01 was used in the early post-surgery recovery period to relieve pain and reduce swelling in a companion dog. A pet had surgery on the joints caused by severe arthrosis. The entire course totaled around 10-15 procedures. The existence of metal implants did not contradict the treatment course. The first two procedures took place a few days after the surgery. Within these days, it was observed a significant reduction of swelling resulted in accelerating the whole healing process. On the 4th post-surgery day, a pet started to sit down and even tried to get up. 

Statistics say that such improvements can be achieved in a week of a post-surgery recovery period. At the same time, observations showed that the dog started to experience less pain from the very beginning of the PEMF treatment. That means that pulsed electromagnetic therapy can be effectively applied for animals that go through a rehabilitation period.  

Case study #2 

This time a patient was a Yorkshire terrier who suffered from multiple joints dysfunction. He required intensive therapy. That is why it was decided to conduct a complex PEMF treatment course made up of 12 procedures. Almag+ device was used 10 minutes a day with a 1-day break after the 6th procedure. However, the dramatic results were achieved after the 8th treatment session. Thanks to the improvement of tissue oxygenation and circulation, the remission phase came earlier, letting a four-legged patient get back on track in an instant. 

In addition to these, PEMF veterinary applications hold promise for competition animals in the areas of a speedy recovery. Because intense training may undermine their performance, electromagnetic therapy is thought to be helpful in getting them back on track. Allowing for more oxygen, better nutrient absorption, and improved blood flow, it offers an array of healing advantages with no risk involved.

Horse care with PEMF therapy

In racing events, horses are often on the brink of exhaustion because of high-intensity training. It may be hard to keep them competition-ready, especially when they experience muscle myalgia. To treat this, vets tend to go for drug-based therapies. However, their side effects may interfere with horses’ well-being while creating more problems than the pain itself. Thus, animals may suffer from kidney damage, ulceration, laminitis, and other health issues. 

In contrast, PEMF therapy for animals is completely safe and doesn’t lead to unwanted ramifications. When used in a well-thought-out string of sessions, it brings effective results, making horses feel more relaxed during and after the treatment, with significant appetite improvements.

Of course, any modality of PEMF treatment for animals, be it dogs or horses, should be planned by a certified veterinarian. This is the only way to make sure that a magnetic device is properly applied, and frequencies are set to address a pet’s specific issues. 

Another noteworthy aspect of PEMF therapy is that it’s not location-dependent. Thanks to the high mobility of a device, there is no need to attend a rehabilitation center to start a treatment course. Everything can be organized right at your barn to deal with your equine companion’s injuries or conditions, such as:

  • arthritis
  • lameness
  • bone spavin
  • splints
  • muscle soreness
  • hoof cracks
  • joint problems and so on

Almag-02 as part of PEMF treatment for animals

Almag-02 is a revolutionary pulsed electromagnetic field therapy device that is known for its simplicity of use and effectiveness in treating a wide range of diseases and system malfunctions. Its healing properties are equally effective for humans and animals.

The diversity of Almag-02 set-up options (79 programs) makes this device a safe and effective solution for PEMF for animals. 

The majority of similar devices require a specialist that needs to recalibrate and set up a specific frequency for each particular treatment. It might be a dangerous and troublesome task, especially if one is a lack of knowledge and experience. Thus, any mistake in setting up a frequency and timing may cost a life. 

With us, however, this is never the case. Almag-02 is the next-generation device that has built-in programs that pre-set the frequency and timing for each specific treatment. It means that all procedures can be conducted from the comfort of your home without a need to apply to a licensed specialist. You can rest easy, knowing that no medical mistake can take place during the treatment. 

PEMF treatment doesn’t eliminate the medication options. On the contrary, it is recommended to combine it with the traditional treatment options for the best possible results. 

You can take a more in-depth look at how Almag-02 has been recently used to treat muscle myalgia, tendonitis, hoof cracks, and other problems in horses by reading this report.

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